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Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama and FISA

I have been planning for a week or so to write an article about 'real' family values, the kind that Obama's family represents.

But I am so angry right now I could just spit.

Barack Obama's statement on the FISA bill is that it is a good thing, a GOOD THING for the government to be able to spy on all of its citizens with no accountability. He, the constitutional scholar, has apparently forgotten what the 4th Amendment to the Constitution says. I realize he doesn't have a magic wand and he cannot control all the players in the House. He's also the most junior Senator in the Senate - and actually doesn't even have the nomination locked up yet (remember superdelegates anyone?). So his power to really affect the outcome there is also limited.

But he could have made a stronger statement. Given his eloquence - he could have done it and done it in such a way that he would let everyone on the ground know that he gets it - without alienating the powers that be who still control his future.

Oh man. I'm sick. Someone on Digby today said "Mark your calendar - today is the day our Country died."

Big Black Box around today's date.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

On Sexism

A 'lot of people' are decrying the sexism exhibited by the MSM and some in the Obama campaign and a lot on the various threads of commenters against Clinton. It is said that until Obama either puts Clinton on the ticket as VP or at least apologizes for everything that has been said, the 'feminists' will not be satisfied and they are going to vote for McCain.

I'm sorry, but sexism is very much with us. I acknowledge that there are a lot of really sexist people out there. But voting for McSlime is not going to change anything - in fact it will make things much worse. Sure, Obama is not the perfect candidate - who is? But in a race between someone who is pro-choice, pro-real-family values, and pro-equal opportunity vs pro-life (the one issue he has NOT flip-flopped on), anti anything that supports families, children, women and even veterans, my vote is definitely for the former.

Obama is not my first choice. Or my second. But he's what we have - and I'm on board for the rest of the trip. Some Hillary supporters claim that she 'said what she had to say' in her speech on Saturday when she called for party unity and for everyone to support Obama and beat McSlime. I watched the speech. I believe she meant it.

Here's why: Hillary has, by all accounts, worked hard for children and families during her life. Why would she risk all that by sending out 'coded messages' for her supporters to vote for someone who is the antithesis of everything she stands for? Do you really believe Hillary wants Roe overturned? That she thinks the Ledbetter decision is okay? That she believes the Violence Against Women Act doesn't matter?

I don't believe that. But if McSlime is elected - we can expect that to happen. McSlime has promised to appoint more judges like Alito and Roberts - not just to SCOTUS but all levels of the federal judiciary. He will wield his veto pen on bills that support insurance for children, benefits for veterans, health care for everyone, good education (not just endless testing) for children, and on and on.

I keep seeing "McCain '08, Hillary '12' comments. Well, there is nothing to stop her from running in 2012 if Obama doesn't deliver. And I would far rather take a chance on Obama than go with the devil - John McCain. I would think you would too.