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Monday, June 30, 2014

Just What Are Hobby Lobby's "Sincerely Held Beliefs?"

On the eve of the SCOTUS' stunning decision that apparently corporations now have the same religious rights as individuals, I am at a loss to describe all the gigantic holes that were left by the gang of five in this unreasoned and ridiculous pronouncement.

First, apparently, only some corporations are eligible for this religious test.  You have to belong to only certain kinds of religions.  The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Amish were singled out as not being the correct kinds of religions specifically.  And I am sure there will be more (I'm looking at you Muslims!)  Or any other kind of 'exotic' non-christian types.

Second, the type of corporation makes a difference.  But that's a smallish problem since the 'closely-held' type they specified covers almost 90% of workers in the US today.  So they did get to the majority of the workforce.  Nice shot!

But here is the best one of all - there was no examination of the 'sincerely held beliefs'.  The two plaintiffs in the case BELIEVE that the four drugs and one device named in the suit cause abortions.  THEY DO NOT! This is a scientific matter, not a matter of belief.  Birth control pills prevent ovulation from taking place the same way a pregnancy does.  An IUD prevents an egg from being fertilized.  These are not abortions.

In any case, Hobby Lobby, the lead plaintiff, holds stock in companies that manufacture devices and drugs that are used in ACTUAL ABORTIONS!  Yes, you heard that correctly!  So the fact that Hobby Lobby's owners' sincerely held beliefs regarding the abortion issue was not examined is a big deal.  And they do NOT have any.

This whole case was about Obamacare and was totally political.  Hobby Lobby has been providing contraceptive coverage under its healthcare policies in California and in many other states for over 15 years as mandated by those states - just like the ACA mandate for contraceptive coverage.  And they have been doing so without a peep for all that time.  It is only because these people hate Barack Obama so much that it even became an issue.

"Sincerely Held Beliefs?"  Yeah - the only sincerely held beliefs they hold are that they hate this President and will do anything they can to undermine, disrespect, and destroy his agenda and programs that they can.

Monday, June 23, 2014

What's Up?

Been a while since I've been on here - had some serious health issues to deal with - had 4-way coronary bypass surgery and then had a heart attack. I know that's kind of backwards but that's me - always doing things the hard way!  Had to take a good look at my life and take a little slow down for a while.  Learn to breathe, learn to say no.

I've also moved in with my elderly mother, and am watching her decline.  Her health is not exactly poor, but she is ready to move on.  I'm not quite ready yet though, and that's hard for her and hard for me too.  So we are here together making what we can of these last days and weeks together.  We watch all the news and rail together against the stupid politicians in Washington, and here in Montana.  We cheer for our heroes in life and wherever we can find them.  We cry over the downtrodden and miserable together.  We eat wonderful meals together because that is the one pleasure we do not deny ourselves.

Mom naps a lot. My cat has transferred a lot of her affection to my mom (she is not a very affectionate cat!) and that is perfectly okay with me.  So my cat naps in her lap.  I sew or knit while they both nap.  Or I nap too.

I finally have felt like I wanted to start writing again - so here I am - back again.

So....that's what's up for now.  I plan on trying to write about once per week.