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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's Up?

I've been missing in action for a bit due to some health issues. Slowly mending now and trying to get caught up with the news.

Where to start? Wow. I guess President Obama's speech to Congress last night is a good enough starting place. While most of his speech was heartening and hopeful, there were a couple of issues I'd like to dissect a bit.

I am particularly disturbed by the 'entitlement reform' passing reference. I also want some clarification on his two war policies.

The new housing thing sound better than what we've had so far, but the idea that we cannot tell these bankers how much money and perks they can have when the taxpayers are paying the bills fries my brain.

So, then there was the Republican Response. After it was over, I called my mom and we both said "wasn't that the most pathetic thing you have ever seen?" I kid you not! I won't waste my time discussing it because it isn't worth it. I already wasted the time listening to his lies - and most of it WAS lies, including his story about the Sheriff during Katrina.

So...In our state, a bill to abolish the death penalty has passed the Senate and is now waiting debate in the House. There are about 8 other states doing this right now as well. Beyond the moral issues, the thing is now being argued on economic terms as well. I hope the abolition bill passes.

Finally, for today, I'm planning to adopt a shelter kitteh next month so will be posting pics and having fun for once.

Take care all, and keep chins up - things are changing - and a lot of it in ways we don't even know or realize yet!

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