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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh, The Dems Lost and They Deserved It and They're No Different from The Republicans Anyway.

Oh yeah, blame the Democrats for everything. They deserve this. They don’t have any plans. They could just wave a magic wand and fix what the Rethugs have been doing for the last 30 years in just 18 months. Riiiiiight.

So – all of you really great knowledgeable people – just once I would like an explanation of just what the Republicans plans are….

Still waiting…..

All I have heard for the last 3-6 months is this:

1) Give tax cuts to the richest 1% of millionaires and billionaires so they can play the casino-stock market some more.

2) Roll back the pitiful few regulations the Dems did manage to pass and get rid of the few regs that were left over so we can have a truly free market – after all the free market rules!

3) Repeal the Health Reform bill. I know you don’t l9ke it. But there were a few good things in there. It was a place to start. But never mind – they’ll get rid of it – one way or another. After all, all spending bills must start in the House – and they now have control so it’s dead. Happy now?
(By the way – there is a really good long-term-care insurance provision that most people have never heard of – I need that and so does my disabled sister – both of us really really need that but now it’s probably up in smoke thank you very much.)

4)Repeal every single piece of legislation that was passed during the 111th Congress. This will be done by de-funding, and since the Republicanss now hold the Constitutional purse strings in the House – they will do this.

5)They will hold hearings. They have already announced their intention to have Kathleen Sebelius and other cabinet secretaries spend the entire next two years testifying before their committees every single day – effectively removing them from office. They plan to try to impeach the President. They plan to try to impeach our two newest SCOTUS justices. They plan to try to impeach Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They plan to hold hearings on every action the administration has taken since Day One. This will result in a slow-motion shut-down of the government. It won’t be like last time – Social Security recipients will still get their checks but everything else will come to a slow grinding halt.

5)They will try to gut Medicare. They will try to cut Social Security – by raising the retirement age and by cutting benefits and they have the weapon to do it – the catfood commission recommendations. Thay have already succeeded in getting massive cuts in Food Stamps in future years for unemployment benefits now. And they will hold that (The Dems had hoped to restore it before we got there). And as much as they have been yelling about their concerns with the deficit - pay-go will go out the window - just as it did whey they got control under Bush 43. They don't believe that massive tax cuts add to the deficit. They do of course.

6)They will pass stuff to kill Roe v Wade. It will be buried in a “Defense Spending Authorization Bill”. They will keep DADT and DOMA. The DREAM act will disappear just like CardCheck and a lot of other stuff we wanted.

7)They will shut down the EPA. There will be zero climate legislation - in fact they have announced a hearing on the "hoax of climate change".

8)The new START treaty will not be ratified because it “impinges on our sovereignty”. Never mind that securing loose nukes and reducing the world's stockpile of nuclear weapons is in OUR best interest - our best NATIONAL SECURITY interest which they are so fond of touting. Besides - it also saves money!

I don’t see anything in there about providing jobs, fixing the economy, reforming Wall Street, providing better health care, cleaning up this financial mess, doing something about the disaster in the housing market. Just “back” to more of the same crap that got us into this horrible situation in the first place – only more of it piled higher and deeper and further right wing and far more dangerous.

Oh, and we will be going to war with Iran.

But there is no difference between the Dems and the Republicans. They are both the same. The Dems didn’t do everything I wanted right when I wanted them to so I hate them and I’ll never vote for them again they are stupid and so I don’t care if the Repubs get in. It doesn’t matter.

Well, we’ll just see about that won’t we. Unfortunately, those of us who understand that every time this rationale has been used – and it has been used several times in the past and in the same predicaments (bad economy, disappointed Dems, etc) the urge to punish the Dems by voting in the Repubs has always resulted in disaster. And it will this time too. Too bad the smart ones among us who know this will have to suffer right along with the rest of you.

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