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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why Does John Walsh Think He's Better Qualified Than His Opponent to Be Senator?

John Walsh has recently been exposed as a plagiarist by the New York Times.  He apparently neglected to surround large amounts of copied content in a term paper with quotes although the content was cited in his footnotes.  This term paper also contained almost eighty percent word-for-word copied content of other works, which seems pretty lazy, whether cited or not, when considered for a graduate level course.

Walsh immediately took responsibility for his work (or lack thereof), mentioned that he was being treated for PTSD at the time although he said that should not be an excuse for what he (failed) to do, and also commented that one of the men who had been under his command in Iraq had committed suicide in the weeks before the paper was due.

On the one hand, it is kind of refreshing for him to actually take responsibility immediately instead of first denying it, blaming others, ignoring it, or making the kind of phony apology that makes it your problem instead of his that there is a problem.  But that doesn't make this go away.  We expect more from someone who wants a vote from us to become the most powerful politician in a state like Montana.  We have lived too long with bought and paid for Baucus.  And Walsh's opponent is a Koch bought and paid for tool.  Montanans deserve better.

So, John Walsh, what are you going to do to show us that you are better qualified than your opponent?  How are you going to make this right?

Instead of just sitting quietly while the War College does its thing, why don't you get busy and write a new essay that is worthy of your aspirations?  Why don't you write a paper on the subject:  What Makes A Person With a Military Background a Better Senator Than One With A Business Background?  Make it twice as long as the bad paper you wrote, and make this one at least eighty percent your own work, not the work of others. Complete this paper in the next five days.  Request that the officials at the War College consider this paper in their deliberations.  And publish this paper in the New York Times and all the Montana papers of record as well.

Since you are currently the sitting US Senator, you owe the citizens of the Great State of Montana at least that much, don't you think?

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