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Monday, July 7, 2008

Books For Soldiers

Our Second Life friend, StormBear was going to be interviewed today on Fox News for his Netroots efforts running his 503 charity, Books For Soldiers. 45 minutes before he was to be picked up by the SF station, they called to cancel. "Something came up."

And what was the burning news item he was bumped for? A Florida man was bitten by a snake in the garden center of a Walmart.

If you are able to donate either books or money to Books For Soldiers, please do. Corporate funding has dried up this year and StormBear needs help to continue his good work.

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1 comment:

lokywoky bitter & sad said...

Hey Tammy! Thanks for the posts - been a bit under the weather and was feeling like no one came by anyway.

This is a great program - as soon as I can scrape a few greenbacks together I'll donate some.

I sent all my spare change this month to the ACLU for the lawsuit against the FISA Amendment.